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Causes Close to Our Heart

Causes and endeavours that drive, inspire and motivate Mohammed Ashraf Khan Ghori

Commissioned Art

Have custom, bespoke art made to your taste. Artistically Crafted by Ashraf Ghori.

Art Gallery
Arts & Crafts
Art Gallery

Art Therapy

One -to-one personal art therapy sessions with Mohammed Ashraf Khan Ghori. Ashraf has reaped the first-hand benefits of art therapy, while making it through various phases of his life. He believes that art therapy should be accessible to all in order to reduce and lessen the burdens and hardships of human existence. 

Charitable Endevours

Ashraf believes in giving back and being gratuitous. He believes that art and its benefits should not only be constricted to those with the wear with all to do so, but also to those that don't. To avail Ashraf Ghori's services or to help him with causes dear to him. one can contact us below.

Man Painting a Wall

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