Visual, Literary and Metaphysical Artist

Mohammed Ashraf Khan Ghori, is a prolific abstract painter, poet, and writer. He does not particularly follow the categorial codes of mainstream work, he believes that art is a rather nebulous phenomenon and its categoric representation seemingly abhorrent. He is one with his artwork and his artwork one with him, his work is intended to include and immerse the viewer in this oneness.

Ashraf was always inclined towards literary art however he stumbled upon canvas art, as means of diversion therapy. He was awestruck by the idea of using paints to give form to metaphysical-ity, commencing his journey in abstract art. 

The artist is currently working on an anthology of poems and ramblings. His last piece of art "Transfiguration", is available for sale on our website. For more art and listings by Ashraf, one can refer to the links below.